Call 185, or 8.2. Or better yet, the most picturesque state highway in Michigan. You may have heard: this is the dream of a cyclist. Mostly flat, great views, and just a mile from traffic jams. More importantly, there’s not a single car on M-185. Never was, never will be. Welcome to the time chain […]

Along its winding 266-mile route between the Okeefenokee swamp and the Gulf of Mexico, the Suwannee River is home to countless Springs, sandy beaches and tributaries that descend into the river as waterfalls. Florida’s first long-distance Paddle Trail, the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail, offers an amazing adventure from White Springs to paddle in the Gulf […]

I grew up along the lagoon of the Indian River and always took bioluminescence in the water for granted. As a young man, I sailed late at night. The trail of my boat shone through bioluminescence, a phenomenon I had never experienced before. What happened then is to make this veil that I will never […]