Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals on Earth, with a brain-body ratio that is second only to humans. It is a life-altering experience to see these amazing creatures in their natural environment. It’s no surprise that many people consider dolphin sightings in the wild a top priority on their bucket lists. It is a very humble […]

We were fortunate to grow up in Miami during the 1980s and have one of the most beautiful zoos in Florida. The backdrop to many Saturday family outings and summer camps was the Metro Zoo, now ZooMiami. It was a wonderful experience to see a zoo that is at the forefront of animal welfare and husbandry. Metro Zoo […]

Tarpon are one of the most sought-after fish in Florida. This fish is well-known throughout Florida. It can leap up to 10 feet and rattle its gills. They can grow to be quite large. They are also known as Silver Sides or Sabalo or Silver Kings. They are edible but not very common because of the small bones and […]

Are you visiting Florida or are you a Florida resident looking for the best aquariums? Going to Florida’s aquariums is a great way to have fun with your family and learn more about the amazing planet we live on. It’s not surprising that Florida boasts many aquariums featuring a variety of sea creatures. Florida aquariums are among the […]

Segways were the rage a few years ago in adventure tours, and Segway sightseeing excursions were all the rage in Florida. Today’s adventure is zip lining. Whether you’re addicted to the thrill of zip lining or have never done it but want to, there are a variety of options accessible in Florida. Choose from stand-alone […]

With the bikes loaded, we took the very wrong road to High Rock Bay. After about half a mile, Sandy felt the road would be too technical for her and she came back. I thought I could do it, ‘ I continued. It was a difficult three miles or so before I could see the […]

When we were looking for bike paths in Virginia, Front Royal appeared on our radar. We knew this as a community of the Appalachian Trail because we stayed there during our 2020 hike, but we didn’t expect it to be a place to cycle. Who knew? We had found an approximate map Online, but we […]

Gliding through the St. Johns in a kayak on a gray morning, it was hard to imagine that more than 250 years ago two strangers in this strange country called Florida did the same in this place. I was here with Sandy to participate in the first Bartram Adventure Tour. We stayed with Linda Crider, […]

Where a natural entrance was once bathed by the barrier island of Cocoa Beach, a cluster of islands was home to the first inhabitants of Florida. Now it is one of the most popular places to paddle along the Space Coast. It’s been years since I paddled the Thousand Islands, but my old friend Bobby, […]