It’s no secret that Florida offers some of the gorgeous outdoor settings in the country, as well as some of the most incredible fauna. The Sunshine State is ideal for a pleasant hiking excursion, with everything from the coast to hardwood forests, lakes, and all in between. You will not be sorry if you take […]

Hiking the Florida Trail does not resemble any of the other National Scenic Trails in the United States, starting with the terrain. Yes, it is” flat ” compared to other states, but you will be surprised the botanical diversity and the hills and ridges will be more evident when you reach it. Our hiking season […]

Combining the rugged terrain and beauty in one package, it’s no wonder the Suwannee section of the Florida Trail is very popular with backpackers, especially in early spring when fragrant wild azaleas are in bloom. Experience challenging terrain as you climb in and out of valleys dug deep by floodwaters and tributaries feeding the Suwannee […]

Four days, 39 miles: that’s just part of the challenge of the Citrus Hiking Trail, the second-longest trail on a stretch of land in the state of Florida. Add aggressive rolling sandhills, steep descents into canyons and rocky trails, and you’ll get one of Florida’s roughest hikes. Due to Extreme contrasts in habitats, from deep […]

I was not at all happy that this alligator blocked the way. Swamp left of us, swamp right. There was no other way back to the starting point of the hike. And you absolutely do not want to get within twenty feet of an alligator. We tried to hit our trekking poles on the ground, […]