It doesn’t take a topographic chart to see that Florida is flat. So it might surprise you to learn that singletrack mountain riding exists in Florida. Although it is not the same as riding singletrack through the mountains, Florida mountain bikers can enjoy a variety of difficulties on the trails. Here are five terrific singletrack […]

Disney World, golf courses, and white sand beaches are well-known in Florida, but mountain biking? The Alafia River State Park, located near suburban Hillsborough County, is a picturesque jewel not far from Tampa. The park and nearby areas were strips mined for phosphates until the 1960s, resulting in some of the state’s most dramatic elevation […]

We’ve been watching this huge bike path expand from our home on the eastern end over the last seven years. The project utilized existing paved bike lanes and enlarged them to provide vital links that allow more people to access them. It isn’t a stand-alone undertaking, and it connects to a broader network of bike […]

Locals with shopping baskets on fat-tire bikes pedal to adjacent food markets and laundromats on the completed sections of the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail. However, by the middle of the decade, when the trail may be 95 percent paved and off-road, it will provide the most significant transportation upgrade for tourists pedaling the Florida […]

We warned Lori Hauswirth that I couldn’t handle a technical Trail, so she decided to do a short, simple loop to introduce me to the NTN Noquemanon Trail network, Marquette’s extensive mountain bike Trail network. She is the executive director of this route network that surrounds the city and offers more than 50 miles of […]

With the aim of connecting the main sources along the River St.Johns in Volusia County, the Spring to Spring Trail continues to grow. Years ago, when other drivers alerted us on a continuous road between Gemini Springs and Green Springs, we made it our business to try it out. Shortly afterwards we discovered a much […]

The cross Seminole Trail is a backbone for access to parks and trails throughout the county and is anchored by two former rail rights that met in Oviedo. However, there is a gap between the two parts of the trail that radiate from Oviedo, and not a single starting point for both. That is why […]

After a tour along the Florida Keys on the Overseas Heritage Trail, there was something else to do: connect to the mainland. It was confusing that when US 1 was extended between Key Largo and Florida City over the past decade, no accommodation was made to operate a bike path for the Greenway along the […]