Zip Line Adventures in Florida

Segways were the rage a few years ago in adventure tours, and Segway sightseeing excursions were all the rage in Florida. Today’s adventure is zip lining. Whether you’re addicted to the thrill of zip lining or have never done it but want to, there are a variety of options accessible in Florida. Choose from stand-alone nature-based zip lines or ziplines linked to other attractions.

A zip line is a pulley suspended high in the air on a cable and mounted on an inclination for those inexperienced with the sport. The participant uses a harness to grasp onto or be hooked to the free-moving pulley. Gravity propels the rider from the top to the bottom of the diagonal cable, which is hanging.

Ziplines are not a new concept. They’ve been utilized as a mode of transportation in distant mountainous places for many years, both to access remote areas and act as river bridges. Many zip line rides are now available as a unique and daring way to explore the sites and experience nature.

Ziplines are best suited to thrill-seekers and physically fit individuals. To get to the start of the zip line, you’ll have to climb at least 30 feet (and occasionally as high as 60 feet) to the platform where your adventure begins. Crossing “sky” bridges (typically rope bridges or swaying wood and rope bridges) above tree canopy level is also part of some of the nature-based zip line activities.

Also, zip line operators have age, height, weight, and dress requirements, so it’s important to inquire about these requirements and limits before making your reservation. Keep in mind that adverse weather may force some attractions to close.

Alligator Farm – Crocodile Crossing – St. Augustine

At St. Augustine’s Alligator Farm, you can zip through alligator and crocodile-infested waters on one of two courses: the Sepik River Course ($37, plus half-off Alligator Farm admission) has three zip lines that are about 20 feet high, and the Nile River Course ($67 with free access to Alligator Farm) has nine zip lines that are 60 feet high.

St. Cloud, Florida Forever

You may get a bird’s eye view of the Forever Florida Wildlife Conservation Area from the treetops, and in addition to the typical zip line, you can take a horseback safari or a coach trip for an extra cost. Two hours of zip line fun is included in the $79.99 admission price.

Participants must be at least ten years old and weigh no more than 265 pounds to participate. Riders must be in excellent health, with no back or neck issues, and wear closed-toe shoes and long shorts or pants.

Milton, Florida Zip Line Adventures

On the “ultimate” zip line excursion in North Florida, soar above lower Wolfe Creek and Big Coldwater Creek. Observe wildlife over a one-mile track with 14 observation towers, two sky bridges, and a spiral staircase into the aviary during the five-hour trip. Adventures lasting two and three hours are also offered, starting at $89.

Gatorland’s Screamin’ Gator Zip Line is located in Orlando, Florida.

Soar over wetlands teeming with alligators and crocodiles from heights of up to 65 feet! You can go on daytime or nighttime zip experiences, launching from state-of-the-art towers with tiered launch pads and traveling 1200 feet at speeds up to 30 mph. This zip experience is only offered during September and December. The cost of admission to the park and the zipline adventure is $69.99.

MOSI – Tampa – Sky Trail Zip Line

The Sky Trail Zip Line, a new addition to Tampa’s MOSI Sky Trail Ropes Course, allows participants to “fly” 65 feet over the Museum of Science and Industry. The adventure does need museum admission ($26.95), with an add-on charge of just $10 for non-members and $8 for members. It is possibly one of Florida’s least priced (but also shortest) zip line alternatives.

Athletic shoes with a closed toe are necessary. 42 “is the minimum height required to participate in the course. Those 48″ and taller can enjoy the course on their own, while those 42″ to 47” can enjoy it with their friends “must be accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years old.

Ocala’s Canyons Zip Line

Enjoy hours of soaring over rural Ocala’s gorgeous views. For just $96 per person, participants will spend three hours on nine zip lines, two rope bridges, one descent, and a nature walk. For $59.00, you may book the Canyons Express, which includes five zip lines and one rope bridge.

Participants must be at least ten years old, weigh between 70 and 270 pounds, and be accompanied by an adult parent or legal guardian if they are under 18.

Dade City’s Treehoppers Aerial Adventure Park

A combination ropes/zip course is built for personal challenge and adventure, climb, zip, and sway. The trip costs $10 (with a paid adult) for children ages 5 and 6, $35 for children ages 7-11, and $49 for adults (ages 12 and up).

A waiver signed by a parent or guardian is required for any climbers under 18. An adult must accompany children under the age of 5 or 6. Children aged 7 to 13 must be supervised by an adult or participate with an adult, depending on the course. Participants must be under 265 pounds and wear sneakers or closed-toed shoes.

Aerial Adventures Treetop Trek – Brevard Zoo – Melbourne

As you navigate Treetop Trek Aerial Adventures’ obstacle course and zip lines, you’ll get a bird’s eye perspective of Brevard Zoo. With one system built just for children – Chutes and Ladders — young families will find the adventure something they can all enjoy together. Two of the courses, Challenge Reloaded and Canopy Walk, are hard enough for adults and require a height of 5’4″; however, the Chutes and Ladders Course is only for children at least 36″ tall and do not exceed 5 ft. Chutes and Ladders cost $14.95, Canopy Walk costs $29.95, and Challenge Reloaded costs $49.95. (zoo admission is not included, but you are not required to purchase Brevard Zoo admission to enter Treetop Trek).

Weight restriction of 250 pounds or less is in effect. An adult must accompany children under the age of 12 on the ground or the course (depending on course rules).

Orlando – Kissimmee Zip Code

At a location just minutes from Disney World, Universal Orlando, and International Drive, you can zip along at any time of day or night. As you navigate a mile-long course that includes eight zip lines and three suspension bridges, you will be nearly 65 feet over Central Florida. The two- or three-hour trips are sure to give your vacation plans a boost!

There are no restrictions on age or height. Weight must be in the range of 70 to 270 pounds. Shoes with a closed toe must be worn (no exceptions).

Sanford’s ZOOm Air Adventure Park is part of the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

This high-altitude adventure will give you a bird’s-eye view of the Central Florida Zoo. Adults will love the challenges on the Upland and Rainforest courses, which are developed specifically for them (height constraints 36″ to 60″ and at least four years old). Best of all, this is one of Florida’s most affordable excursions, with prices ranging from $21.75 for the Kid’s Course to $54.95 for both the Upland and Rainforest courses. There are also annual passes available.

Participants must be between 36″ and 60″ tall and at least four years old to participate in children’s courses. Participants must be at least 54 years old. “To ride the Upland and Rainforest courses, you must be at least 5 feet tall. It is necessary to wear closed-toed shoes.

Daytona Beach’s Zoom Air Treetop Adventure Park

Take a vacation from the beach and see Daytona Beach from the tops of the trees, as you’ve never seen it before! Tarzan has never had so much fun in his life! The courses offer a demanding workout and an exhilarating zip line ride. The cost varies between $29.95 and $39.95. Annual passes and family entrance packs are also available.

Participants must be at least 54 years old “long. There are also some limitations.