Cross The Seminole Trail North

The cross Seminole Trail is a backbone for access to parks and trails throughout the county and is anchored by two former rail rights that met in Oviedo.

However, there is a gap between the two parts of the trail that radiate from Oviedo, and not a single starting point for both. That is why we describe each segment independently.

Cyclists can join them on sidewalks or bike paths in Oviedo, but most casual users simply ride one way or another. Both see proper use by locals who live on these trails.

The northern segment leads from downtown Oviedo to the St.Johns and also offers a corridor for the Florida National Scenic Trail through the suburbs.

On the way

Cross The Seminole Trail North
The first stretches of the cross Seminole Trail, established more than 20 years ago, stretched from downtown Oviedo to Winter Springs and across Lake Mary.

Gaps remain on this road, but you can follow the signs for 21 miles to join the spring to Spring Trail in Volusia County, north of the St.Johns in Sanford.

Crossing Seminole Trail West

This 6.6-mile segment is separated from the northern segment less than a kilometer away and leads from Oviedo west toward the Orlando metro, where it meets the Cady Way Trail on the county line.

Network connection

With the cross Seminole Trail, you can go directly to these regional bike paths and continue.

The northernmost Miles of the Seminole Cross Trail are also part of a much longer route called Florida Coast to Coast Trail, a bike path from Titusville to St. Petersburg.

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