Spring Trail, Beresford Lake Park & Blue Springs State Park

With the aim of connecting the main sources along the River St.Johns in Volusia County, the Spring to Spring Trail continues to grow.

Years ago, when other drivers alerted us on a continuous road between Gemini Springs and Green Springs, we made it our business to try it out.

Shortly afterwards we discovered a much shorter part of the trail between Beresford Lake Park and Blue Springs State Park.

Now three separate segments of the bike path offer miles of trails. We are sure that plans are underway to join them all this decade.

Some parts, such as the gaps in the northern segment and the gap through DeBary to connect the southernmost sections, will be finished even earlier.

When completed, the entire stretch of the Spring to Spring Trail will sweep between Enterprise and Leon Springs with a connector north of the Putnam County line.

As the new signage shows, parts of the Spring-to-Spring Trail are also being used as parts of much longer bike trails being developed in Florida.

These include the Florida Coast to Coast Trail, the St. Johns River to sea Loop and the heart of Florida Loop, all of which are still being created.

About the way
Currently, the path is divided into three separate segments. Each has its own picturesque appeal and are interesting destinations for day trips.

The trails remain close to the catchment area of the River St. Johns, with access to the river and its tributaries through the Parks that cross the trails.

South: Green Springs to Lake Monroe Park
The southern segment of 7.7 miles, near the basin of the St. Johns River, forms one of the legs of Volusia County from the coast to the coast of Florida. We present the east to the West.

Center: Beresford Lake Park at DeBary plantation
The 7-mile hilly central segment allows residents of DeBary, Orange City and DeLand to travel uninterrupted kilometers along the st River Basin.John’s.

It is best to drive from North to South to make a good round trip, or catch it at the beginning of the Blue Springs Blvd Trail and drive it both ways.

North: Glenwood In de Leon Springs
Largely parallel to Grand Avenue, a panoramic road with four-poster bed, the northern segment is divided into several sub-sections of the cycle path.

The first two are connected by a wide cycle path along the great avenue, parallel to a sidewalk.

Once you reach Leon Springs, Drive through a neighborhood to reach a final stretch of the side trail to Leon Springs State Park.

For more information on how to connect these segments, read This description of riding routes with each other to tie each piece together.

The DeBary deviation is 4.5 miles and the DeLand deviation is 4.8 miles.

The southern segment of the Spring to Spring Trail is also part of a much longer route called the Florida Coast to Coast Trail, a bike path from Titusville to St. Petersburg.

Cross The Seminole Trail
Across the US 17/92 Bridge in its own dedicated bike lanes, the Florida Side-by-Side Trail route continues south across the St. River.Johns, which is part of the cross Seminole Trail.

Formerly marked as the Rinehart Trail, the northernmost part of this bike trail is mainly a side trail along busy streets in Sanford’s shopping and residential neighborhoods.

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